Fixed Asset Management

GIBOTEL offers advanced Fixed Assets Management Solutions using Barcoding and RFID Technology


With the required compliance level and corporate governance, there is no tolerance to errors. When it comes to investment detailed and precise information about the investment like net book value, current location, depreciation rate and expected returns. With those information in hand there will be an assurance on visibility, proper control and management of asset. We use handheld scanners, advanced software, competent personnel and proven methodology to ensure quality service.

Our service of asset tagging involves the components:

  • Barcode tags design and printing
  • Physical Verification & tagging with special barcode labels,
  • Capturing of asset data electronically
  • Reconciliation i.e. matching available records in the books and physical verifications.


Why do you need to track Asset movements?

  • Where is the Assets? Easy to locate
  • Who authorized the movement? Will mitigate theft risk
  • When did the movement happened? Relocation history
  • When did replacement occurred?
  • Where is the recovered assets

Asset Audit Service

Old days is  when asset audit was based on sampling .Gibotel conduct an automated fixed assets audit of the existing assets using portable scanners installed with the latest audit software. The objective of conducting audit is to verify the existence of asset physically. However our services go beyond physical verification by ensuring the procurement of assets, transfers and disposals are done properly with proper documentation and based on the company policies and procedures and with the necessary authorization.

Fixed Asset Management System

We offer range of product and services that provide our customers with exact choice to suit the requirement. Advanced integration of our software with other systems creates a platform for the other components to be added in future.

Our experts are experienced and they have worked on the same solutions with different customer end to end, from supply and implementation of fixed asset tracking systems. Adding all these together we endowed with capacity and strength that enables us to operate as a market leader on provision of automated fixed assets management solution in East Africa. Our solution aim at optimizing the owner's returns from capital invested by directly identifying each investment, cost, net value, location, acquisition details, depreciation method and accumulated depreciation.