Network Planning and Optimization

Gibotel is a young and dynamic provider of Telecommunications and power solutions. Established in 2015, Gibotel uses cutting edge technologies in telecommunications and power solutions infrastructure provision.



We have a wide experience on network design, planning and site surveys across Tanzania. During survey we provide reports with:

  • Detailed Technical Site Survey Report that complies with Customer Requirements.
  • Site Documentation which includes Equipments Layout Drawing.
  • Coverage prediction with Softwares such as Asset, Mentum Planet, IBwave, Attol and Others
  • Site Documentation which includes Equipments Layout Drawing.
  • Outdoor and Indoor cable routing.
  • Quantities of materials.


Transmission engineers at Gibotel deliver high quality services in transmission network designing, Line Of sight LOS analysis and technical site surveys. We support our clients in transmission frequency planning and link budgeting. Our planners are competent working using Pathloss planning tool and others depending on client requirement


We survey existing telecom sites for new tenants by providing all plans according to the customer needs, like RF plans, transmissions plans, tower space plans and drawings, equipment space drawings, power plans etc.

We have surveyed and implemented many sites for our clients in Tanzania. This included site survey and report plans according to the client needs as well as implementation of the plans that include antenna poles supply, installations, slab constructions and power preparations.


Gibotel is a team of well trained and experienced engineers with a very good knowledge in telecommunication network who can audit and identify different asset at sites. Our team are very conversant and capable of auditing RF and Transmission services’ parameters for optimization and service improvement. We also audit and provide solutions to site power systems for better performance and energy efficiency.


It is not possible to measure remotely what a mobile subscriber experiences at a given geographical area, through drive testing an operator can detect and record a wide variety of actual physical and virtual parameters of mobile cellular service. Gibotel offers drive test service for GSM, 3G, WiMAX, EDGE / GPRS, CDMA, EVDO, 4G/LTE using tools such as TERMS Investigation. Our service is categorized into three areas; Single site Verification. Where we can check and provide full reports on:

  • Handover inter/intra cell, 2G and or 3G and packet switching and Neighbor definition.
  • Internet connection and GPRS capabilities.
  • Operator aims at improving or troubleshooting QoS for its subscribers, Engineers measures the kpi and come with recommendations how to improve QoS of a given cluster.
  • Then compile detailed report that assist Operators to make necessary corrective actions
  • Competition in Quality of Service between operators make it necessary to do benchmarking Our competent engineers identify the key geographical areas to record network kpi’s for the selected operators and hence provide recommendations for QoS improvement
  • Benchmarking.


Gibotel have Engineers capable for helping mobile operators dynamically manage and optimize their complex GSM/GPRS/EDGE/WCDMA/HSDPA/LTE network and continue to deliver quality services to customers. Our portfolio of network optimization solutions includes;

  • Monitoring, reporting of network capacity and performance.
  • Optimizing capacity and performance in both a reactive and proactive way.
  • Multi-layer optimization to ensure all technology layers work seamlessly together.
  • KPI-based problem solving and troubleshooting.
  • Implementation of additional hardware solutions.